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Theories abound as to Autism's cause; from cow's milk, to heavy metals, to genetics, to allergies, to routine childhood vaccines. One fact we can all agree upon is that autism happens. We at Autism Happens Foundation believe that research may someday yield positive results, but we have decided to focus our efforts and funds on the more immediate issues at hand.

We believe that nothing can, or will, be done for persons with any form of autism until such time as they are diagnosed by competent authority. Autism Happens was formed by a group of volunteers frustrated with the bureaucracy of most Government agencies and non-profits. All our members are unpaid volunteers, from our president and directors, to our associate members. We provide grants to the families of autistic dependents for tests, therapy, specialized equipment, etc. We also work with those families to provide a safe environment for their autistic loved one.

Autism Happens Foundation, Inc. was formed in 2007 for the purpose of bettering the lives of those affected by the many apects of autism spectrum disorders. We have issued grants totalling over $10,000.00 to date with money being raised primarily through various fundraisers. Unlike most non-profits, we have no compensated members or staff.